Sickness Hiatus

I know it’s not a Friday, but I’m taking a study break and now seemed like a good a time as any to catch you up on my fitness endeavours.

Two weeks ago today, I handed in a big stack of paper that made up a bunch of my MA work.

I then promptly got really sick.

I’ve been trundling along, a few symptoms appearing and reappearing here and there. The full-blown lurgy decided to come for me when I took a trip home last week. Sore throat, cough, an endless river of green slime. You get the general idea.

Needless to say, it’s put me a little off from where I’d like to be running wise. I still got out a couple of times last week, but I’ve been doing shorter runs so to not punish my body any further. It’s frustrating because I’d just decided to progress to the 10k trainer, and I was looking forward to getting into the swing of things. I’ve done the first few runs from the first week, but I think I’ll probably need to repeat them when I’m feeling 100%. C’est la vie!

Luckily, it was ‘recovery week’ in Insanity (recovery! What a joke, Shaun T!), and I actually found that during those workouts I felt a little better. I’ll be starting the second month this week I think, and I am equal parts excited/terrified. I like a challenge. Speaking of which, I’ve also been half-jokingly half-seriously been considering a triathlon. Only a baby one; either a super sprint or a sprint. I’ve always enjoyed cycling, but I rarely swim and would really like to improve beyond a leisurely breaststroke. I’d need quite a bit of time to prepare, but I feel like it’s something that I could do. Any stories, hints, or training suggestions would be very much appreciated!

Despite the temporary illness glitch, I have been doing a fair bit of cooking lately. My two current favourite recipes are Jack Munroe’s Carrot, Cumin & Kidney Bean Burger (I’ve been adding a little bit of grated cheese & extra seasoning, just because it was available), and this delicious Almond Pesto from Our Four Forks. The pesto is a vegetarian/vegan dream! No pesky parmesan! I used it to top my bean burgers, and then the leftovers were great on a pitta bread ensemble the next day (it gets better overnight, deliciously garlicky). I also got to use my fancy-ass pestle & mortar for the first time to make the pesto, which made me feel very chef-like indeed.

Now, back to that dissertation research. Send healthy thoughts and orange juice my way!

3 thoughts on “Sickness Hiatus”

  1. A mortar and pestle is such a fantastic kitchen addition. Now you can buy whole spices and grind them yourself! Glad you’re starting to feel better after the post-essay slump (always happens) and I look forward to hearing more about your fitness endeavors! People keep telling me I should do a triathlon, since I already practice each of the disciplines separately, but I have little desire to put them all together. That said, it’s great that you do!

    1. Yes, I really love mine. Very satisfying! I was half-expecting you to say you’d done a triathlon! You’d certainly have no problem. I think I just like having end goals when it comes to exercise, more a case of proving to myself I can do it rather than anything else.
      The sickness has almost gone, it’s been a frustratingly persistent little thing though.

  2. Feel better soon! This looks delicious and healthy enough to get you back on your feet soon!

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